The artamour blog aims to enhance awareness and appreciation of the visual arts. It is a space for artists, gallery owners, art collectors, art lovers, art enthusiasts, and lay persons to share thoughts and ideas. It focuses on current and emerging trends in art, including painting, sculpture, architecture, photography as also multi-dimensional art.  The blog features accessible and insightful writings on visual arts as also interviews with leading and emerging artists. In addition, it gives perceptive critiques of select art exhibitions.

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Ranjan Kaul

Ranjan Kaul is a visual artist, art writer and author. He has held three major solo exhibitions of his paintings in New Delhi and also participated in group art shows as an invited artist. His art may be viewed at He has had a successful career in book publishing and served as Managing Director, Oxford University Press India. He is also a fiction writer; his published works include a novel and a short story collection.

Aakshat Sinha

Aakshat Sinha is an artist and curator. He is a mechanical engineer (MTech) with a decade of corporate experience. A trained artist working in the creative space since 2008, he has been regularly organizing and curating art residencies, exhibitions and festivals in India and internationally. He writes short stories, poetry, and comics in English, Hindi, and Russian. He is Director, Untitled Creations Pvt Ltd.

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